Walnut Creek Braces- Retainers to Protect Your Smile

Walnut Creek Braces are an investment in your future smile. Once those come off, however, many patients are dismayed to learn that they’re not free. Retainers take their place. Retainers can be uncomfortable, awkward, or frustrating to wear, but they protect your smile.

Keep teeth aligned

Retainers work to keep your teeth aligned. First, your teeth have to be moved from their natural position to the ideal one. While retainers are sometimes used after surgery, the most common form of permanently changing your smile is with braces.

Braces work by tightening a wire around your teeth. Over time, the orthodontist can guide them into a straight, better aligned position. Straight teeth don’t just look better; they have remarkable positive health benefits. Straight teeth are easier to clean, meaning your dream smile may result in fewer trips to the dentist for cavities. Good oral hygiene is linked to more positive outcomes for people with chronic, blood-based diseases like diabetes. There are even some studies showing that better oral hygiene leads to a decreased risk of heart disease! There are many reasons to choose to straighten your teeth. Even if health isn’t your main concern, a bright, pearly white smile lists high on confidence-boost physical features.

Retainers are worn after braces. It can take years for your bones to totally heal and cement your teeth in their new positions. Retainers prevent them from drifting back out of alignment. This saves you pain and suffering—and saves you money as well. Walnut Creek Braces are a big commitment.

Must be promptly replaced if lost

If you lose your retainer, don’t panic. Call your orthodontist right away. Replacing your retainers is essential because your teeth can drift in even a few weeks. If you put off replacing your retainer, it may no longer fit when you get it. This can result in a long, tedious period of readjustment. Typically, a slight drift can be corrected with a retainer. It’s still extra appointments and fees that could have been avoided with a prompt response to a missing retainer.

How long will I have to wear a retainer

The answer to this is impossible to say. Most people wear a retainer the majority of the day for at least a year. Afterwards, most continue to wear it at night or whenever they’re able. The longer you wear your retainer, the better your teeth will set. Some people will sleep in their retainer for the rest of their lives in order to preserve their smile. It doesn’t make sense to lose the progress of getting braces.

Protect your smile with your retainer. It can take some getting used to, but it will do wonders for your grin. After going through the long process of getting braces in Walnut Creek, wearing a retainer should be a walk in the park. Keep your teeth straight and protect your heart, your hygiene, and your smile. Say cheese!

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