Lunch Meals That are Easy on Your Braces

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Because soft foods are best for people with braces, soup makes a great meal. The less chewing you have to do after a tightening, the better. However, even after the pain fades away a bit, many of the soft foods are still suggested. Soups make a great meal for people with braces, because the ingredients are often soft, and don’t require a lot of chewing. Moreover, soups can be nourishing and filling, without the need to get anything stuck in your braces. However, most people don’t enjoy eating cold soup. To make this meal work, on the go, you need to store it in a thermos, or have access to a microwave.

Soft sandwiches

Sandwiches are a great lunch for anyone, with and without braces. For those with braces, however toasted bread or bread with a hard crust should be avoided. Soft foods are always best. Choose soft breads, and skip on seed crusts. That’s a no-go for sesame seed buns. Seeds tend to get caught in braces, which leads to painful removal or broken appliances.

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy a variety of breaded lunches. Soft, flour tortillas are great for wraps. Moreover, almost all common sandwich fillings are fine. Cheese, lunchmeat, and peanut butter (provided you don’t use so much it works like a glue) are all safe and delicious lunches you can eat with braces. If you want to add a small dessert, muffins are a great addition, as long as they don’t contain any nuts or chunks.

Hummus and pairings

Don’t feel trapped between sandwiches and soups. Hummus and delicious pairings are acceptable soft foods for braces. Try slicing up bell peppers and enjoy them with hummus as a filling meal. You can also cut hard vegetables, like cucumbers and carrots into thin strips and dip them in hummus.

Hummus begs the obvious question: can you eat chips with braces? While hummus and chips is a great snack or meal, you’ll be better off sticking to something a little softer. Chips can be too brittle and pointy, and hard shards damage your wires.


Pastas can be a filling and healthy lunch, so long as you keep things low calorie. There are a lot of foods to avoid with braces, but thankfully noodles aren’t one of them! They’re soft, they pair well with a variety of sauces and vegetables and meats. Pick a dish you can microwave, or make a cold pasta salad to enjoy at lunchtime.


Salads can be controversial when it comes to braces. While some lists include salads as a food to avoid when you have braces, others do not. The trick is to build a salad that works for you. Shred vegetables whenever you can. Shredded cucumber and carrots are fine with your braces; however, larger pieces could scrape your appliance. Keep bites small, and be sure to pack a toothbrush. Salad shreds get stuck in braces easily!


Don’t think you will starve while wearing braces. There are plenty of enjoyable and healthy foods you can still eat with braces. Keep in mind the general theme of soft foods, no seeds, and no large chunks. With this, you can build delicious lunches for home, school, or work.  Dr. Schellinck and his team are always here to help you on your journey towards perfect teeth!

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