Maintenance Tips for Braces from your Walnut Creek Orthodontist

Braces are too much of a commitment not to maintain them. The time in the chair (and the expense of finding a Walnut Creek orthodontist), ensure that taking care of braces remains a high priority. It’s also a question of how long you really want to use them. Loose or broken braces aren’t effective, and will have to stay on longer. Follow these maintenance tips for a brighter, metal-free smile sooner.

Angle your toothbrush

The wires and brackets of braces trap food easily. In order to get it out, angle your toothbrush and brush the braces themselves. Brush down from the top at a forty-five degree angle, and then repeat angling up from the bottom. You’ll free food particles and prevent teeth stains and potential decay.

Avoid biting off chunks of food

Taking a bite of a nice, crunchy apple or carrot is hard on braces. Even the crush of fresh bread can prove difficult. Cut crunchy food into small pieces so you never have to scrape your teeth against it. Chew carefully!

Brush after every meal

Twice a day brushing is the gold standard of oral care, unless you have braces. Take a couple minutes after every meal to clean out food from in and around your braces. It’s great for your teeth. It also makes sure you don’t have spinach in your teeth all day.

What to avoid eating when you can’t brush

Sometimes you can’t brush immediately after eating. You’re trapped on a bus or in a meeting and you’re hungry now. If you must eat without brushing, opt for foods low in starch and sugar. Both of these food groups quickly break down on your teeth. They turn into sticky plaque which damages and discolors your teeth. Opt for other options, and don’t forget to brush as soon as you can.

Wear a mouth guard to play sports

Brackets and wires are more delicate than they look. Accidents happen even to accomplished athletes. A mouth guard built specially for braces will help protect your teeth and your dental work in the event a ball or body collides with your mouth. Your Walnut Creek orthodontist will be able to help you find a mouth guard that works for your sport and your braces.

Be proactive about repairs

If you suspect that some part of your braces is loose or broken, make an appointment to see your Walnut Creek orthodontist. Make the appointment, even if you think you may have caused the damage by, say, chowing down on corn on the cob last night. Set embarrassment aside. Broken braces aren’t effective, and they can be annoying, painful, or dangerous.

Don’t suffer in silence- visit your Walnut Creek Orthodontist

There’s no reason to live in pain. When you get braces with Dr. Schellinck in Walnut Creek, you should pick up some specialty wax. This wax covers the outside of brackets or wires that can poke your tongue, gums, or cheek. While some pain is a normal part of shifting your teeth (think of the first three days after you get them tightened), pain from the appliances themselves shouldn’t be an issue.


Maintaining your braces means fewer trips to Dr. Schellinck, your local Walnut Creek orthodontist. Good brushing habits, careful food planning, and making comfort a priority will pay off. Soon you’ll be smiling all through Walnut Creek. Braces work wonders!

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