Why the Tooth Fairy is Important

The legend of the Tooth Fairy is important for today’s youth. More and more parents are committing to raising their children without falsehoods. While it’s important to be honest with children, doing away with the Tooth Fairy can do away with important lessons as well. Notes from the Tooth Fairy are a great way to encourage good oral habits from a young age. They’re also a great way to help your children through losing teeth, and even fears of the dentist.

Can teach the value of oral health

Growing up, the Tooth Fairy always had priorities. If you wanted the best Tooth Fairy gifts, you brushed and flossed as soon as you could. The best money and gifts were given for perfect teeth. Any fillings in your baby teeth would lower their value, and if there was more than one filling, you could expect a pack of floss and a new toothbrush. You might even get a letter from the Tooth Fairy on the subject of brushing after every meal. Oral health standards for kids improved because of this creative way to teach the value of oral health.

Even if you’re not using Tooth fairy gifts to bribe your children into brushing properly, the Tooth Fairy is still a great way to teach about oral health. Brushing and flossing are the “jobs” that your children can do to earn Tooth Fairy coins when they lose a tooth. Showing them how to do their jobs well (and rewarding them when they’ve clearly been doing a good job) sets them up for a lifetime of good brushing habits.

Lessens fear of tooth loss

Losing teeth can be perplexing for your young children, until all the adult teeth grow in. Just as you grow used to having a full set of baby teeth they start falling out. The legend of the Tooth Fairy is a great way to calm your child’s fears about losing teeth. Because losing a tooth is sometimes a painful and distressing process, a letter from the Tooth Fairy helps soothe any anxiety. Drafting a letter from the Tooth Fairy, to your child takes some time, but it’s worth it to keep them calm.

Additionally, you can take the story a step further. Talk to your family dentist. Most are thrilled to be “Tooth Fairy helpers” for your child. Childhood anxiety about the dentist can carry over the rest of their lives. Even if they grow out of it one day, knowing that they’re being seen by the tooth fairy’s very own helper can really help keep kids calm. Let them know that the dentist is going to let the Tooth Fairy know what a good job they’re doing, and they might even want to go back for another visit!

You don’t have to wait for your child to lose their first tooth to introduce them to the Tooth Fairy. If you want your child to love the dentist and brush regularly, start the legend of the Tooth Fairy sooner rather than later. Most importantly, it helps manage the anxiety of losing teeth. In addition, the dentist becomes their friend, not someone to fear. Plus, Tooth Fairy games, Tooth Fairy gifts, and a letter from the Tooth Fairy are just part of the fun of being a kid!

Dr. Schellnick would love to partner with you on your tooth fairy adventures!


February 28, 2017 is National Tooth Fairy Day!

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